What is Adenocarcinoma

If there is a malignant tumor growing in glandular outer cells of most internal organs, it is called Adenocarcinoma. The disease produces secretions very much like glands, prompt treatment is absolutely necessary if a patient diagnosed as suffering from this ailment. If left unattended without treatment, the tumor spreads to other areas and eventually turns out to be fatal. The disease is common to many organs of the body. Cancer of the colon is due to an attack of Adenocarcinoma.

Other vital organs that are susceptible to this attack are the cervix, stomach, breast, prostate, thyroid, and pancreas. The disease is easy to detect even visually by inspecting the affected organ because of the mark differentiation from its original color. To be on the safe side doctors usually carry out biopsy of the tumor in the affected part for confirmation that diagnosis of Adenocarcinoma is correct. This is necessary because there are tumors which may not be malignant for which the treatment will entirely different.

Any treatment of the affected part after confirmation about the disease is to remove the tumor entirely so that further growth is stopped and its spreading to other areas of the body is prevented. While removing the tumor the surgeon generally excises well beyond the actual, tumor area so as to ensure that there is no remnant of the tumor, thus effectively preventing its further growth. All the cancerous cells are this removed. This is confirmed by getting it tested by the pathologist in the laboratory. The skill of the surgeon is vital to ensure that all cancerous are removed.

Treatment after the surgery is determined after pathological confirmation. The treatment usually consists of radiation and chemotherapy that is done with the purpose of preventing recurrence of the problem in the organ concerned. The treatment can be painful and also may be for a long time. This is unfortunately unavoidable in the case of all cancer patients. Doctors generally advice the patient to interact and socialize with other patients also and spend time in relaxation and recreational activities. Moral support from friends and community in general will go a great way in the healing process.

As in the case of any other cancer the reason for an attack of Adenocarcinoma, has not yet been completely found out. The entire process is still I the research stage. What is baffling is that the affliction can occur to even the normal and healthy persons who take adequate care of their body. It also afflicts people who do not take much care about their health. However, the risk is very much reduced with a proper diet, exercise and living in a good environmental condition.