What is Adenotonsillectomy

An adenotonsillectomy is a surgical procedure in which tonsils and adenoids are removed. Adenoids and tonsils are lumps of tissue that are analogous to the glands in the neck and other parts of body. These are the part of our immune system but there is no harm if we remove them. This treatment is basically for young children and very rare for adults.

The main symptoms of tonsils and adenoids are:-

A condition called obstructive sleep apnoea occurs in which there is difficulty in inhalation at night. Nose gets blocked which results in mouth breathing. There is difficulty in eating and incessant nasal discharge. Position of upper jaw and teeth will be changed.

Once the tonsils are removed by operation then tonsillitis never occurs and this operation is successful in 80-97 percent cases.

When there is huge dent to the tonsils and they are not affected by any treatment. The throat is sore, bad breath and sometimes yellow chessy occurs then this condition is called chronic tonsillitis.

Historically, tonsils and adenoids were removed to alleviate infection and chronic inflammation. The patients who were prone to this infection were advised to remove this lymphatic tissue. But now-a-days it is basically use to deal with obstructive sleep apnoea as it is major constraint in the development of children. Due to sleep apnea children may suffer from severe health problems that are associated with sleep deprivation.

In adenotonsillectomy, the patient is usually placed under general anesthesia. Anesthesia is basically a surgery to reduce pain, discomfort. During anesthesia patients feel no pain. After the tonsils and adenoids are removed the patient can be taken off anesthesia and brought to recovery.

A major risk that is involved in this surgery is problem to our respiratory system and it is caused by being under anesthia. If we minimize the time under anesthesia then risk can be reduced.

The main key points of this operation are:-

This is usually a 40 minutes operation and patient will have a general anesthetic. The operation is done through mouth but there are no stitches in the throat.

There will be a small raw patch on each side of the throat after tonsils have been removed and it would take 10-14 days to heal.

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