What Is AED

AED is the abbreviation for Automated External Defibrillator and it is a portable device that helps you check your heart rhythm. It is also capable of sending shocks to your heart in order to get your heart rhythm back to normal. These AED’s are also used to treat SCA’s which stands for Sudden Cardiac Arrest. Thus, the term is pretty self explanatory.  A sudden cardiac arrest is a condition where the heart stops beating unexpectedly. If this happens, blood doesn’t flow to all the major organs of your body such as the brain and others. If you do not take care of SCA within few minutes of it taking over the patient’s body, it usually leads to death of the patient.

A general statistic shows that each minute after an SCA, the patient reduces ten percent of life from his body. This massive rate of reduction can lead to the patient’s death in absolutely no time. AED can be used to save a patient suffering from SCA. There is something known as a pacemaker that is the source of power produced in order to make out heart beat. These pacemakers are basically power cells made by a special kind of chemical impulse. These cells get affected if external stimuli are introduced to them such as medication, physical activity and stress. These things can drastically change the way these chemical impulses take place. They can easily increase or decrease your heartbeat. This could thus be the reason for getting a SCA.

If you care much to know how these AED’s work, you need to know how your heart works as well. Our heartbeat is controlled by an internal electrical system which controls our rate and rhythm at which our heart beats. The electrical signal produced is spread from the top of the heart to the bottom. By doing this, it causes our heart to contract and then pump blood to the various organs. This process repeats itself each time our heart beats and thus blood is reached out to all organs of the body and the whole functioning of the body is carried out smoothly.

 A condition called arrhythmias is caused when the hearts beats abnormally because of problems in the electrical system and the rhythm is changed at which the heart usually beats. During attacks or strokes of the heart, it tends to beat really fast or slow with a very irregular rhythm. If this condition is chronic, the arrhythmia can cause your heart to stop pumping blood into your body altogether.  It is these arrhythmias that cause SCA’s. You can purchase these AED’s from the mall or you can always find one in times of emergencies at places like the airport, mall, hotel and other places where there are a lot of people.  Of course, a hospital is the best option.