What Is AES Encryption

AES or Advanced Encryption Standard is a kind of specification for the encryption of electronic resources. The process has been adopted by U.S government first and now it is in use in worldwide IT farms. AES encryption is a kind of coding of a text message used by broad casting unit to prevent un-authorized listening with in the broadcast line. To decode the messages the receiving unit uses the same algorithm used by the transmitting unit. The final AES became effective after observing a 5 year standardization process.  In this period the institution presented 15 competing designs. However, finally the present design of AES got selected. The design received approval of Secretary of Commerce and became effective as Federal Government Standard on 26th of May, 2002.     National Institute of Standards and Technology publicized the AES in USA on 26th of November 2001.

Facts regarding AES :

The AES encryption generally uses any one of 3 cipher key strengths.

These three varieties include,

  • 192 bit encryption key
  • 128 bit encryption key, and
  • 256 bit encryption key

All these key sizes of encryption enable the algorithm to behave bit differently. That is the why the increasing key size not only offer a wide range of bits with which you can  not only mess up the data but also increase the difficulty of your cipher algorithm.

There are a few AES that supports 256 and 128 –bit encryption keys, which is the 2 key strengths compatible with Win Zip 9. The 2 key strengths provide better security in comparison with Zip 2.0 encryption. The process of encryption and decryption become faster with the 128-bit AES. However, in the contemporary fast PCs the time difference is hardly noticeable.

AES for wireless keyboard:

In an AES secure wireless keyboard the keystrokes are encrypted with a 128-bit confidential key before it is broadcasted over the air to an earpiece that is attached to a computer. When the bits are introduced then the receiver applies

  • the confidential keys
  • takes away the encryption
  • uncovers the actual keystrokes

 Both the receiver and the transmitter use a series of difficult mathematical operation but the process happens so fast that you can directly start typing without even noticing a delay. This algorithm is really great to protect confidential information and personal data from an unwanted eaves dropper.

Win zip AES :

Win Zip AES are the most easy to use AES. It works as lucratively as the traditional Zip 2.0 encryption. To use this version you just need to select the method of encryption and specify the password that you will use. Along with the new AES this contemporary form win zip provides multiple usability enhancements to make the process of encryption easy and simple. It needs to mention in this regard that now you can encrypt the files esaliy, which are already in zip format. Previously you need to add a file to zip format to encrypt it. Anyone who is using the 14th or later versions of PCs, this Win Zip AES easily recognizes the Intel based computers with In-built AES and activates the obtainable hardware support to make the process of encryption 2 to 3 times faster.

Your password and data remain protected when you opt for the best AES Encryption service provider.