What is Aftershave

Aftershave Lotion is a Lotion or may be Gel Or Powder or Liquid, which is primarily used by Men once they are done shaving themselves. It contains an antiseptic agent like denatured alcohol which prevents infection due to cuts. It includes a substance which works as an anaesthesia to the damaged skin. Although it may cause a small temporary burning sensation upon the applied portion but it vanishes soon enough and prevents any bacteria or pathogen from breeding there.

There are various sorts of aftershave lotions available in the market having various fragrances or scents, some use organic substances to add the aroma whereas some are more artificial so you can select whichever you find more appealing, with an add on advantage that you would even smell good after that.

You can also look over them to check if they contain moisturizers that aids in softening the skin whereas some may have Astringents which most often results in dryness of the skin so the pH label must be taken in consideration as you know the best about sensitivity of your skin. But even if the pH Level is not mentioned on the packing since it is not law enforced as mandatory to disclose it, you can dilute it with some water or use it in small quantity to avoid the side effect.

There are hundreds of Aftershave Lotion brand available out there so depending upon what fragrance you like you can select your brand. There is not much of a difference in working of any of the brands available so if your pocket doesn’t allow you, you can buy a more economic one instead of some costlier. After all at the end of the day most aftershave lotions are sold on the basis of their packaging and fragrance only.

Are there any other side effects apart from the above mentioned dryness?

No, as it is itself an antiseptic agent which was made to avoid any sort of infection and is applied externally so there is no such side effect recorded that may result due to it apart from a little dryness and that too can be easily avoided if you use it carefully and precisely.If not prefer a cotton swab and rub on the cut area.

How to apply aftershave lotion?

When you are done shaving, use a small cotton piece, pour out a slight amount of aftershave lotion on it and then gently apply it over the area which was cut during shaving, don’t rub too hard and if it burns, remove the cotton swab and let it hold for a while, and then when it ends re apply the cotton piece on all the affected areas. If your after shave lotion is too harsh i.e. if it burns too much, you may dilute it with some water and then apply it on the subject areas on your face.

Trust the best advice as always is “Prevention is better than Cure”

Don’t even let cuts show up on your face while you are shaving.


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