What is AIDS

Most of the people think AIDS as a disease. However, it is not a disease. As the name suggests, it is aka Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. Before discussing about the AIDS; we should discuss what is the difference between a disease and a syndrome. It will help us to get the full meaning of AIDS.

Most of the people know about diseases. Diseases are those, which harms a person’s physical health in some or other way. In most of the cases, the effects of a disease can be detected by naked eyes. On the other hand, a syndrome is not a disease. When any syndrome affects a person; that makes the body of the suffering person susceptible to various kinds of diseases. People suffer from one or other disease and the cause of the diseases is nothing else but the syndrome. From this discussion, it is clear that AIDS makes a person prone to other diseases.

Now come to the first word of the abbreviation of AIDS. That is ‘Acquired’. This means, to suffer from AIDS, one has to acquire the disease from someone else. Only a already affected person could transfer the AIDS virus to another person.

Now come to the second word of the AIDS. It is ‘Immune’. Immune is there in AIDS because AIDS virus affects the immune system of a person. This is why immune is there. Along with immune, there is another word. That is ‘Deficient’. From these two words it is clear that the AIDS virus affect the immune system of a person and deplete that. An AIDS affected person loses his or her immune system in a slow but steady manner.

Now, you can imagine the situation of a person, who is losing his or her immune system constantly. The AIDS affected person just gets open up for each and every kind of disease and he or she loses defense system. At the end stage of AIDS, the suffering person gets affected with several kinds of diseases and finally dies.

The most worrying factor about AIDS is, there is no medicine available for the successful treatment of this syndrome. So, if a person is already affected with AIDS, then he or she can only delay his or her death, but death is inevitable.

As there is no medicine available to cure AIDS, precaution is the only thing a person could do to stay away from AIDS. AIDS is called as sexually transmitted disease. It is because if a unaffected person gets involved in sex with a affected person, then the AIDS virus gets transmitted to the body of the healthy person. Not only through sex, but one can acquire AIDS virus in different manner also. Mostly, if the blood of an affected person comes into the contact of a healthy person, then the healthy person gets affected. The AIDS virus can be transmitted through saliva also. 

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