What is Al Qaeda

In the late 1989 in AFGHANISTAN, a terrorist organization, Al Qaeda was established right after the Russian Army left. The reason why this group was born is because of the Russian army.  America helped the native Afghanistan people to fight the war against the Soviets and helped them in restoring power in the country. Eventually, after a long war, Russian Army departed and within a year or so  Al Qaeda came into horizon with attack on Yemen.

The commander and senior operation head of Al Qaeda was OSAMA BIN LADEN, his father was a very strict person, and a very religious one, that is why he had a very rigid perception about religion and they had a moral code. When his father and mother broke, he was with his mother and his step father. Usually, Islam religion for known for its strictness in terms of vows, fasting and celebration. Osama is also known for the reintroduction of Jihad in Afghanistan. He was a jihadist.  Osama tops the Ten Most Wanted Fugitive list and Most Wanted Terrorists list. In a secret operation conducted by USA military and intelligence Osama was killed in his home in Pakistan.

9/11: AL QAEDA shocked the world
9th of September,2011, the American airlines flight number 11 was hijacked and went straight into the World Trade center’s North Tower, after an hour the flight 175 was also hijacked and the plane went straight into the World Trade Center South tower, another flight the 77 crashed into the Pentagon, the flight 93 of United Airlines crashed near the Shanksville, Pennsylvania, and the southern part of Pittsburgh.The World Trade Center Complex collapsed, and cellular phone signals were affected, but still there were those who could make phone calls especially in the aircrafts. The aircrafts used cabin air phone services, there were reports that the pilots, stewardess,flight attendant even and a passenger were stabbed and killed.Both the Buildings collapsed and were on fire, many people died. The dead count  was about 2,996 people, including the hijackers. At about 90 percent of the workers died in the towers. There were 1,355 people in the north tower who was trapped and died because of  inhalation of the smoke. There were also 107 people who died below the impact point or below the buildings and there were 630 people dead in South Tower. This was a deadly message by  Al Qaeda and by their leader Osama Bin Laden. At that time, George W. Bush was the President of USA and he soon commenced a special operation to find and execute Osama Bin Laden.  In the year of 2004, Al Qaeda conducted the bombing at Madrid; it was the Spain’s most horrific attack by a terrorist group, there were at around 202 people who died and 1,400 people were injured on the railways of Madrid.

Principles of Al Qaeda
Al Qaeda attacked military and civilians in different places their reason is to remove all the weeds that they see and all the people who were considered dirt according to their plans.  Al Qaeda is known for making its own and executing those who dared not to follow it. They fixed everything according to their plan and forced everyone to follow there laws and work accordingly. Al Qaeda is known for establishing suicide bombers and every terrorist was given severe physical training and were taught to make bombs. These terrorists were trained to become merciless terminators. However, every member of Al Qaeda are fully equipped with latest technology and they used Informtaion Technology applications as their medium of communication. Overall, Al Qaeda has highly dangerous, qualified, clever, sound people working for them. Al Qaeda has opened various terrorist groups in different countries throughout the world.However, on 2nd May, 2011, Osama Bin Laden was killed in a secret operation conducted by America military and intelligence. Ayman Al-Zawahiri succeeded Osama as the new leader of Al Qaeda.