What Is Albumin

A common protein present in the blood, the albumin acts as a very essential component. They are generally water soluble, slightly soluble in salt concentrates and denatures in the presence of heat. They exist in blood plasma and are different from the other blood proteins due to the fact that they are not glycosylated. Non blood substances that contain albumin are called albuminoids and they include egg white. Blood and egg white are the most common sources of albumin.

Uses of albumin

Albumin is known to maintain the balance of fluids in the cells, this is by pulling in fluids when cells have low water levels, and releasing fluids when cells have more than adequate hydration.

It is also known as the transporter, it carries minerals, medications and hormones all through the body hence help in distribution.

In the human body, it mainly carries thyroid hormones, fatty acids and steroids among other essential nutrients.

Albumin therapy is a technique employed to raise the levels of blood plasma and empower the body in recovering post trauma.

Post surgical healing, burns, bleeding and injury treatment are just some of the instances that albumin is used medically.

When a patient has low blood protein, albumin can be used to restore the levels to normal state.

The presence of albumin prevents red blood cells from sticking together; this facilitates efficiency in their functions by maintaining their biconcave shapes that optimally carries oxygen.

Albumin also carries waste products through the body, from the cells to the exit points and detoxification.

Cosmetic application of albumin

  • Due to its skin regenerative qualities, albumin is used in cosmetic products to give users much healthier and younger looking face and skin in general.
  • Skin care products to treat scars, burns and stretch marks use albumin to aid in the restoration of tone, color and smoothness of the skin. Its regenerative properties have made it so popular with skin care products since they allow for a much healthier skin over a given period.
  • When used, the skin keeps glowing since the body will be well hydrated, this in overall, will bring out a youthful look on the face and skin since albumin pulls in water and maintains the water balance properly.
  • Cosmetic products containing albumin are much cheaper and healthier than cosmetic surgeries. They are also very safe in comparison and have minimal side effects.


It is recommended that consumers consult with their doctors before using products containing albumin, there may be complications for example with pregnancy. Purchase the products from reputable retailers for the sake of your health. In general, albumin is an essential part of our daily life and cannot be ignored at all.