What Is Amenorrhea

The condition of absence in the women menstrual cycle is called as Amenorrhea.

Amenorrhea is a term that is used when a girl reaches the age of 16 years and have till not started with her menstruation. This condition is also refereed to as primary amenorrhea condition.

The secondary amenorrhea is referred as a stage when the menstruation in a woman tends to cease abnormally.

Amenorrhea is usually caused due to malnutrition effects in a woman. A low diet often lowers the hormonal level in a female that plays a direct role in stimulating menstruation. Amenorrhea is also known to be caused due to excessive stress and depressive conditions. In extreme cases a serious disorder in any reproductive female organs also causes amenorrhea.

A physician will therefore evaluate the exact cause of missed periods by conducting a few tests and provide a proper treatment in time. It is also important for women to take an early treatment to cure amenorrhea as any delay can result in osteoporosis or a severe bone loss. Many times women who are breast feeding will also experience amenorrhea. However, they are also at a lower risk of suffering from osteoporosis or bone loss.

Women may also observe other symptoms along with the onset of amenorrhea in the form of:

  • Deep or husky voice
  • Decrease in the breast size
  • Decrease in the secretion from the breast
  • Decreased in the hair growth in and around the armpit area
  • Increase in the growth of facial hairs

Causes of Amenorrhea

One missed period is often not a serious cause of concern for a woman. However a prolonged Amenorrhea often demands an immediate treatment as it is sign of a chronic disease or condition in a women. Amenorrhea is caused due to many factors like excessive exercise, change in the level of hormones, over stress, depression, anxiety, and a prolonged illness, sysptom of any disregularity.

Any over stress also increases the amount of cortisal hormone that is directly linked to produce the lower reproductive hormones and as the result cause amenorrhea. Smoking is another cause of amenorrhea. However there are no such reports that prove that any cessation of smoking can positively lead a woman to have her normal menstrual cycle.

Extreme loss in the weight, excessive emotional or physical strain can also cause amenorrhea by disturbing her hormonal level. Besides this many severe reproductive diseases like ovarian failure, a syndrome of polycystic ovary, tumors can also cause amenorrhea.

It is also important to know that amenorrhea associated with systemic diseases and genetic is not preventable at all. Amenorrhea specifically associated with different disorders like hormonal, psychiatric, genetic, or immunodeficiencies may require different medication and treatments as administered by medicinal experts and specialists.