What is an AC Adapter

An AC adapter is a type of power supply. AC adapters provide power to other devices. It converts AC power from electric outlet. This conversion results into the type of power that a particular electronic device needs, so that it can perform. These adapters provide a range of options with which they are used. For example these adapters are used daily on the laptop computers, for the mobile phones or even for printers and can be for other networking devices.These adapters have an importance of their own. Many of the users are unaware of the fact that the device they are using is a DC device (such as laptop, cell phone etc…) and hence operates on direct current. But the DC is usually related with low voltage devices. Devices such as microwave oven, televisions, air conditioners are all high voltage devices and needs almost many times the voltage as compared to laptops, cell phones etc…

Each device has an adapter which is designated to that particular device only and is pre- set to the proper voltage conversion. Thus the AC adapters which come with devices are not inter- changeable and can be used with that device only. An AC adapter is always provided with the devices which are dependent on these adapters. A user can get a new adapter (in case if the old one is not working properly or is lost) as these adapters are easily available in the market. A good AC adapter is always preferred over a compatible one as no one would like if his or her device gets damaged (mainly the battery) only because of the AC adapter.

Now the adapters are designed in such a way that they can be easily ported where ever a user likes. These adapters provide energy to the batteries with which they are used. Choosing the best AC adapter for a device needs a bit of effort. Some key points such as choosing the best output voltage and the input voltage are to be considered while buying an AC adapter.

One issue with the AC adapters is that the adapter of a particular device needs not to be always working with other devices. During times it becomes a problem, especially for the laptop users, to get a compatible charger for their specific devices.