What is an Air-Cast

When a person’s foot, ankle, leg is injured due to accident or any other source then air-cast is used and it is on the whole a device that is use to heal the injured segment by providing cushioned casing.

Air case is a better alternative than fiberglass casts that were traditionally use to support broken part. In addition to fiberglass cast hard cast were used. They can led to skin tribulations as they were not removable, wearing hard cast for long time can cause dermatitis, ulcers and rashes. Air-cast is widely used for hand, wrist, foot and lower leg injuries.

Air-cast heals the injury by keeping bones and joints in a specific position. These are obtainable in different sizes and comfortably fit to any patient. Moreover they are lighter and easier to remove.

The use of air-cast depends upon the seriousness of injury. If tibia bone is affected which is located between the knee and ankle then hard cast is still required in initial period. After this, an air cast can be used for further resurgence.

Air cast boots are also used by injured person to sheath their joints inside an air cushion. These boots help in healing moreover they are more itinerant. A bulb pump is used in these boots to make aircraft’s cells stiffer or softer. These cells provide compression for the swollen ankle and foot, and help to reduce the swelling. If the injury is very serious then crutches are also used with air craft boots. Plastic shields on the boot maintain the leg, ankle and foot at a constant angle and protect it from bumps. There is a foam inside which cushions the ankle.

Air-cast boots are for medical use therefore recommendations of doctor are necessary for proper selection of these boots. How to use these boots? Information regarding this is also given by doctor. If we fail to use these boots correctly then it can even result into further injury.

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