What is an Amusement Park

Do you know what the world’s oldest amusement park is? Well, it is Bakken Park in Denmark. Today, with its monumental roller coaster rides, the Bakken Park is one of the most frequented spots for travelers and tourists. However, it is also important to understand the origins of the first ever amusement park. The basic concept came from the fairs or ‘Melas’ as they were known in India. Here, the roller coasters, giant wheels and merry-go-rounds were assembled and set up. These fairs served a popular means of entertainment and amusement to the families and kids. Next to these traveling fairs, the streetcar parks became more popular. These parks were built on the ends of the vast stretches of streetcar or tram lines in America and Europe.

This model has launched the basic concept of the new and modern amusement and theme parks all over the world. In Ocean Park in Hong Kong, the cable car lines connect the two theme parks together. After having fun with kids in one, the grownups can make their way to the more grownup enthusiasms and amusements in the other part of the park. Amusement parks have, thus, become more versatile. They do not only provide amusement or attractions for kids and children. They also allow the grownups to enjoy the rides and adrenalin-pumping attractions as well.

The amusement parks are mainly known for the playful attractions that entertain the kids and families. But do you know there is also something known as an educational theme park. This kind of park is built with a theme on subjects like history or science. In such a park, there are attractions, sights and rides, which describe history or are based on the workings of scientific principles. The children can play a number of games and sit on rides. At the same time, they can learn a lot about history and science. So, these educational amusement parks will serve an important function for the kids and also their parents.

Some amusement parks are big-time business ventures and investments. Consider the Disneyland and the Disney World Resort theme parks. These parks together bring in a lot of business for the resorts within the Disney World Resort. Amusement parks like Epcot and Disney Animal Kingdom are parks, which attract a lot of families or married couples. There are also water parks, where you can slide down and have a nice fun with waves and splashes on these pools.

Do you know something known as family-owned parks? There are some businesses and family-owned cultivations, which have started these parks. Here, in these parks, the cultivation owners end up marketing their home grown fruits and other products. There are also attractions and rides for children and family trips. These attractions and restaurants have made such parks quite famous with tourists.

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