What Is an Android Phone

Android Inc and Google combined together and designed the operating system for mobile devices based on Linux, called Android. Android phone is the newest generation mobile phone with latest features included in it, which operates with the help of the Android software.

Features of Android Phone:

  • Android Phone can hold the huge quantity of data, as it uses the lightweight relational database called SQLite.
  • Android operating software included Android Phones supports the C2DM push notification service. Such that developer can launch the information from servers to their add-ons on the Android devices.
  • Android OS supports tethering. Hence, you can use your mobile phone as the Wi-Fi hotspot, either as wired or wireless.
  • It supports multi-touch and also supports all the basic features supported by other phones such as sending SMS, MMS, allow video calls, includes Bluetooth connectivity, and so on. It supports numerous languages.
  • Through normal phones you can perform Google search only through the letters, but through Android phone you can use your voice to search anything using the Google search.
  • By using the Android Phone you can capture the screen shot of any image. For this you have to press the down button of volume and the power button at the similar time.
  • It includes the Application framework for the replacement and reuse of the components.
  • Dalvik is an essential part of the android phone. Because, it is the software that helps to run the applications on the android Phone.
  • It provides the Affluent growth surroundings that include the device emulator, tools for debugging, plug-in for the Eclipse IDE.
  • Taint Droid is the third party observing software that helps to detect when the individual data is sent from apps to the remote servers.


  • As like other normal phones we can use the Android Phone to send messages, to call, to store the phone numbers, to use the camera and video service and so on. Apart from this Google provided some extra applications such as Google Maps, which includes the whole world map, which is certified to the exact map. You can find the way for any place using the Google maps. Also Google provided Gmail email client, and YouTube.
  • Apart from the applications available in the Android phone, you can download or buy some other favorite applications that you wish to be in your mobile.

Before purchasing the Android phone ensure whether it includes the features that you need. Why because, the features vary according the different mobile companies. But, mostly all company Android phones include the most sufficient features that everyone needs.