What Is an Angiogram

Angiogram is the X-Ray test which involves use of camera and special dye for taking pictures of blood vessels of brain and spinal cord. It involves certain steps which are required to perform with proper protection and concentration.

In several situations, doctors need to see and check the blood vessels of patient which helps them to understand problem and proceeding accordingly. Previously, this was not possible but today’s technology has made it possible. Patient need to go for a test, called “Angiogram”, for helping the doctor. Angiogram is the X-Ray test in which a camera and a special dye are used to capture snaps of blood vessels or veins in order to treat lesions in brain’s blood vessels and spinal cord. As blood vessels of brain and spinal cord are very sensitive, doctors need do every step of this test with full concentration otherwise their single mistake can be very dangerous for the patient.

During an angiogram, some actions are taken for the test which are known as conventional or catheter angiogram. In this process, catheter which is a thin tube is inserted into blood vessel in the groin or just above elbow. Once this is done successfully, it is directed to the area which is to be studied in the test. After it is completed, iodine dye is injected in the vessel which is to be studied so that those areas can be clearly seen in the pictures of X-Ray. Pictures which are captured during X-Ray can be stored in computer as digital pictures or it can also be made like regular X-Ray films.

After the session of X-Ray is over, catheter that was inside the body is taken out and patient is asked to lie straight in the bed without lifting his head and moving his legs for 6 hours. Main purpose of this is to heal the region which was punctured during the process. A nurse keeps an eye on your blood pressure during this time and once 8 hours after angiogram is completed the patient can have his diet. In order to remove iodine dye from body of the patient, he is asked to drink plenty of fluids.

Main purpose of Angiogram test is to detect problems of blood vessels which affect flow of blood. It checks the change in blood vessels of organs which have been injured or damaged. It shows how blood is flowing into the tumor. Before a kidney transplant process is done, angiogram test is performed in order to see the condition, number and location of renal arteries. It is also performed in some other conditions in order to check several other things which may be useful in the process. Hence, Angiogram is very useful and important test which is required in order to treat a patient with several problems.