What Is an Anticoagulant

Anticoagulant is the types of drugs that are used to prevent the blood from forming clots. It is very useful for people who have heart problems or have risk of strokes.

Blood of the human body forms dangerous clots due to which a person can have stroke. Stroke is a dangerous problem that can result in death of the person on whom it occurs. Anticoagulants are different types of drugs which are used for preventing strokes by not allowing blood to form clots. Anticoagulants are of different types and all the different types of anticoagulants are used for different purposes but the objective is same i.e. to prevent blood from forming dangerous clots. As anticoagulants do not allow blood to form clots, it is also known as “blood thinners” by some experts and professionals. It is one of the most useful drugs for people who have risk of strokes.

Anticoagulants are usually given to people who have high risks of stroke because it helps to minimize the risk eventually. It is also given to patients after they have experienced a stroke. Anticoagulants are also for the people who have just had a heart surgery. It is preferred by doctors because it works much better than anti-platelet which was usually preferred earlier. It is preferred also for the reason that it reduces damage or injury extensively.  Heart problems are the major reason why anticoagulant is important in today’s world more than it was in past years. We know that more and more people are dying because of heart problems in recent days so anticoagulant is in high demand in recent times.

There are two types of main anticoagulants i.e. heparin and warfarin, namely. Discussing about heparin first, it is the type of anticoagulant that cannot be taken by mouth. It is generally injected into the body of patient in order to treat him. Heparin is used to reduce damage due to stroke and risk of stroke. It is usually injected to patients who are getting treated in the hospital. The main work of heparin is to prevent the blood from forming clotting in veins of patient’s leg. It is a useful anticoagulant as it starts working quickly and helps the patient’s body.

Warfarin, the other type of anticoagulant, can be taken by mouth without any risk. It can be taken by the people, who have certain risk of stroke, regularly. Patients who take warfarin require concentrating on their diet as they should not anything of their choice because it may lead to troubles. They should follow a list of diet prescribed by the doctor in order to maintain perfect blood level in patient’s body. It is a strong blood thinner so the person who is taking it may bleed more if he gets injured or receives cuts.