What Is an Antihistamine

Most people are allergic to foreign substances in their body which cause their body to react in a different way which is very unique from the rest of the general population. These allergic reactions in are controlled using a special type of drugs known as antihistamines. Antihistamine is a collective term for such drugs which fight minor reactions of the body and other serious conditions caused by allergic reactions. Their aim is to relief the body from allergy. They counter the effect of histamine chemicals released by the immune system.

In simple terms, allergies are caused by exposing the body to external chemical stimulus known as allergens. These allergens triggers the body to react to the foreign chemical substances and in an effort to fight back, the body releases antibodies in the body. During their effort to counter this threat, mast cells releases histamine in the blood. This chemical substance known as histamine has very severe irritating effects on the body. It is what is termed as an allergic reaction and occurs in various levels of severity among different persons.

Allergic reactions have varied symptoms in different people it affects. In some people it can be mere mild body irritations but in others, it can be very severe necessitating a medical emergency. Itching and watery eyes coupled with a running nose are the most obvious symptoms. In some cases, other symptoms such as skin rashes, diarrhea and vomiting may be evident. These symptoms such as skin rashes may spread rapidly all over the body which can be very fatal.

Administering antihistamine drugs in the body obstructs the histamine chemical from accessing receptor body cells on areas with the irritation such as the skin. In this way, allergic reactions are denied a chance of taking place. Some antihistamines have an effect of obstructing body receptors all over the body. This can be more effective than in the previous case.

Administrations of antihistamine drugs in the body have been noted to cause drowsiness and in some cases they cause nausea. Many medicines used to treat other diseases such as insomnia have antihistamine drugs as part of their ingredients. People with severe allergic reactions have stronger prescriptions of Antihistamine drugs. Just like other drugs, they are mostly sold over the counter.

Most antihistamines are obtained naturally. Many plants have been found to have very high concentration of this drug. They are also sourced from pharmaceutical drugs although these are less preferred due to their many negative effects when administered in the body. Mineral and omega 3 supplements also contain antihistamine as well as many herbal pills.

Apart from fighting against allergic reactions, antihistamines have also been used to cure other types of infections and body conditions. Most notable are onion extracts that relieve asthma and other body conditions such as bronchial infections and common colds. Body cramps have also been successfully treated using antihistamine drugs.

In recent times, antihistamine products have major online resources in terms of blogs and websites where people can access reliable information on them. People allergic to such foreign substances like pollen grains and dust are always advised to live in an environment free of these substances.