What is an Antiperspirant

Many biological processes occur within a human body. Perspiration is one of them. In case of perspiration, water and other minerals comes out of human body. Perspiration occurs throughout the human body; but the amount of perspiration differs from place to place. Somewhere it occurs more and somewhere it occurs less. It occurs most at the arm pits. Apart from the arm pits the perspiration occurs almost normally throughout a human body.

When perspiration occurs, water comes out of the body along with salt and other minerals. When there is presence of water for fairly long time on the body then it smells foul. In case of the human body the water coming out because of the perspiration doesn’t stand for a long time because it converts into vapors and escapes to the air, when it comes in contact with the air. However, in case of the armpits the water doesn’t come into the contact of air; so fails to turn into vapors immediately. The water stays a long time in the armpits and smells foul.

The aim of an anti-perspirant is to check the rate of perspiration in the areas, where it happens most, like armpits. It becomes a shameful fact for a person, when his or her armpits smell foul. In order to check the armpits from smelling foul, a person can use an anti-perspirant.

Anti-perspirant is a newly found product. One or two decade before, there is no product like anti-perspirant available in the market. However, now those are available widely in the market. No matter in which country and in which city you are residing at, you can find different verities of anti-perspirants in your local market.

Perspiration happens more in hot countries than in the cold countries. In fact in most of the cold countries, people don’t know what the perspiration is. They never need an anti-perspirant. In fact, it is not true that perspiration not happens in case of the people of cold countries. But the humidity remains generally low in the cold countries, so when water comes out of their body, that immediately converts into vapor. The perspiration water never stays on their body; so their body doesn’t smells foul because of the perspiration. On the other hand, the humidity remains high in case of the hot countries and because of the high humidity the perspiration water takes time to get converted into vapors; hence, smells foul.

At the time of going to buy an anti-perspirant, a person should remember few points. Cheap quality anti-perspirants should be avoided. One should not buy an anti-perspirant spray or lotion because that is available at low cost. At the same time some anti-perspirants may cause irritation on the skin. If a person finds that irritation is happening by using a particular anti-perspirant, then he or she should stop using that anti-perspirant.    


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