What is an Arabian Horse

Arabian horse otherwise known as Arab horse is a distinct breed among horses which could be easily identified with the shape of its head and high tail carriage. The Arabian could be distinguished from the other horses by the appearance of their arched neck, large forehead, large nostrils and eyes. They have a solid bone and an equine conformation which suggest their speed and superiority. This breed is specially known for its endurance which is well proved in the riding competitions, demonstrating their strong and well built stamina. The Arabian horses are preferred over the other horses for their elegance and refinement. They come in solid colors like black, roan, gray, bay and few in white, with varied patterns of facial markings along with white stockings or socks on the legs.

Arabian horses look short in stature and light muscled but still cannot be competed for their speed and endurance. This quality makes them preferable for racing for long distances. Arabian horses are naturally developed with raging spirit and vigilance which is required for war situations. Therefore the modern horse owners are supposed to be more competent to handle these horses.They are always categorized as elegant class and could also be considered as affectionate companions. These horses are one of the most versatile breeds which make them among the top ten popular horse breeds in the whole world.

Arabian horses are classified as “hot-blooded” variety who are bred for sensitivity, speed, spirit, intelligence, quick learning ability and building wonderful communication with the riders provided the qualities of the trainers or riders are also good. These hot- blooded horses cannot tolerate abusive practices while training, though they are naturally co-operative with humans. However when treated badly, the Arabians tend to become extremely nervous and react like any other horse.

Arabian horses posses certain unique features which makes them different from other horses. These breeds of horses have one vertebra less than other horses. They are taken enough care to maintain their bloodlines 100% pure. Arabians are considered as ancestors of modern day horses like Trakehner and Fallabella. They are the most long-lived breed thereby becoming a perfect family horse as they grow old.

Finally let’s have a look at some of the celebrity and champion Arabian horses-

  • Marengo was a preferred mount of Napoleon Bonaparte.
  • Cass Ole was another Arabian who was declared the star of the movie The Black Stallion in 1979 starred by Mickey Rooney.
  • Skowronek was also an Arabian who was outstanding in the Stud farm in Britain and his generations have been passed down to North American Arabs.