What is an Egyptian Collar

An Egyptian collar is an ornamental collar made out of beads and gems and worn in the style of the collars. These were primarily worn in Egypt during the era or the pharos, which was from around 3000 BCE to 300 BCE. These were worn by the Egyptians as their primary clothes or robes were very simple and in order to create distinction between the upper and influential classes these collars were made. The higher and more affluent class a person belonged to, the more ornate and bigger the collars were. These collars primarily went around the entire neck as do the present time collars of the shirts.

When romans invaded Egypt and capture it they made the Egyptian collars famous all across the large Roman Empire.

In the present times the collars became very famous in the early 20th century. They are used sparingly as fashion accessories to date. The designs of the collars may be floral or geometric in nature depending on the designer and the clothing to go with it. In weight they are anyways quite heavy so not suitable for regular wear and the ornate work done on them makes them quite expensive and hence out of reach of large number of people. Most of times they are anyways made with gems which makes them accessible only to the wealthier class. Thus these are reserved for the formal occasions (parties) and typically do not require wearing of any other jewellery with them.

There were three primary types of Egyptian collars during the ancient times, namely Wesekh, Menat and Shebyu collars. The wesekh collar was the most famous collar and typically composed of cylinders and tubes around a central choker. There were either leaf shaped pendants added in the end or tied between two rows. These were often given to high ranking officials and dignitaries as a mark of honor. IT was primarily made out of gold or of gold with precious gem stones.

The menat collar was associated with a goddess made with string of beads and worn primarily by the priest class or even the dancers associated with the goddess. Shebyu collar was the later creation of the pharaoh worn primarily by the pharaoh and higher officials as a mark of reward. It was mostly made out of gold and hence reserved only for the highest class. The lower class of people and the masses had to do with the simple necklaces of beads as a consolation to the Egyptian collar.

Today the collars that can be related to the Wesekh and menat can only be seen on the exclusive boutiques or fashion streets owing to the high costs involved.

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