What is an Enema

Enema refers to a procedure that involves the introduction of liquid from the anus to the rectum and the colon. It is a form of rehydration therapy and acts as an alternative for other therapies. It helps in cleaning feces from the bowl. When the volume of liquid in the lower part increases, it causes the lower intestinal tract to expand. It helps in evacuating the lower intestinal tract completely. This is the reason why many medical conditions such as constipation, diarrhea, painful menstruation, dysentery use it as a way of treatment. Some form of therapies also use enema.

It uses a bag which is of the shape of a bulb. The bag has a tube attached to it. This long tube is inserted into the anus. The bag contains liquid that helps in stimulating the bowl movement. The liquid generally consists of water along with sodium bicarbonate or sodium phosphate.  When the liquid from the bag travels to the tube, it enters the anus. Then this liquid moves to the colon and stimulates the bowl and it releases fecal matter. There are many benefits of enema over other mechanisms including the speed and probability of the action. These are two main reasons why people prefer it over other ways.

It is a form of natural detoxification or cleansing. It eliminates congestion and hydrates the body. It can have many emotional benefits in addition to the physical benefits it offers. It is useful for patients of depression, headaches, acne and many other dysfunctions. The use of enema can help in increasing the immunity or in the stimulation of the human immune system. In addition, if one wants to administer medical drugs or recreational drugs, it is also possible with the help of enema. E.g.  Anti-nausea medication is given to the patients with nausea via anus. The medicine fed with this way reaches the blood stream within less time and thus, it shows quick results. This also helps in bringing the fever down in lesser time. Similarly, it finds application in many other similar conditions.

There are many benefits of using enema. The best part is that it is possible to perform it at home with the help of simple rectal bulb syringe or other similar equipment. You can easily find it at a medical store. If excess water develops in the colon, it can be of help in removing it. Certain element can cause the internal area to become toxic and it is important to clean it. Cleaning it can help in cleaning your system. It is important to clean the internal organs of the body. It will help you in staying fit.