What Is an Enlarged Heart

Enlarged heart is the enlargement of the human heart due to harder pumping which happens due to different reasons. It is difficult to prevent a human heart from enlargement but risks of deadly diseases can be minimized by taking quick and useful action at the initial stage.

Enlarged heart is not actually a disease but a symptom of any heart disease which may happen in near future or any other internal body condition. It is also known as Cardiomegaly which means enlarged heart detected in X-Ray of the chest. This problem happens without consideration of any color, caste, or country. Age may play a role because this problem generally happens to adults and not the children. Heart can enlarge temporarily for some reasons. These reasons may be stress, hypertension, pregnancy, weakening of heart muscles, arrhythmias, heart valve problems and some medical conditions. It must be noted that these conditions cause enlargement of heart only for temporary basis and not for permanent basis and it is a condition that implicates the emergence to serious health problems like

You can detect an enlarged heart by its symptoms which can be noticed if you are aware of it. Symptoms of enlarged heart are many and almost all the symptoms are equally common as there are tremendous numbers of people who have enlarged heart. But it should be noted that there are some people who do not get any symptom of enlargement of heart even when it is existing in their body. When a person has enlarged heart, he suffers from:

  • Breathing problems as shortness of breath occurs frequently
  • Chest pain
  • Cough
  • Dizziness Swellings

are also the symptoms of enlarged heart. As soon as you detect any symptom, you should consult a doctor because it will be better if you start the treatment in its initial stage. If you think that you are having any new or unique symptom of enlarged heart then also you should have an appointment with a doctor and tell him everything about it. Apart from this, when you feel chest pain, fainting or severe shortening of breath you must consult a doctor very quickly because it may cause heart attack.

A heart gets enlarged when it is pumped harder than normal. There are many causes of enlarged heart. Some of the most common and important causes of enlarged heart are mentioned here. High blood pressure, disease of heat muscle, heart attack, heart valve disease, abnormal heartbeat, thyroid disorders, less red blood cells and excessive iron in the body are the common causes of enlarged heart.

Usually, preventing heart from enlarging is impossible. However, you should consult a doctor or specialist as soon as you detect any problem as he will help you by proving any useful solution or treatment. From your side all you can do is you should completely coordinate with the doctor and stop consuming drugs, tobacco and alcohol.