What is an Executive Producer

Executive producers are part of the team members who are responsible for controlling the quality of the productions and ensure that the ultimate products are ready according to the specifications of the commissioner. They are responsible for various functions related to marketing of their upcoming projects and undertake necessary steps to be successful in the marketing field. They lead wide ranges of Television programs that include serial dramas, dramas, drama documentaries, special documentaries and much more. The executive producers are commissioner’s who work as a team for the broadcasters. He can also perform the job of the line producer along with the usual production works and so will be responsible for monitoring the funding process when the productions are taking place. Television has become a powerful media. Therefore popular and well experienced script writers and other experienced practitioners of certain entertainment programs and serial dramas are also willing to contribute their talents and skills for the demanding role as the executive producers.  

The job of the Executive Producers

The actual job work of every executive producer depends on the type of production, broadcaster and the genre where they are working. Their chief target is to use a successful marketing strategy where they try to create and develop attractive scripts or recognize other people who are talented and ready to contribute their skills for making the projects more attractive and marketable. They carefully search, analyze, discuss and implement the marketing on the suitable outlets. Following are the few market places where the executive producers visit–

  • National and International Film and Television marketing festivals such as the MIP-TV, Cannes etc
  • Market festivals for Television.

These market places enable the executive producers to find partners who are willing to offer funds or become co-producers and potential sponsors for promoting the projects. International organizations from different countries might join together and share the cost of production and broadcast the completed project and enjoy together the profit from the successive production. Thus we can understand that the ultimate success of any project depends totally on the exclusive contribution made by the executive produces.

The magic of marketing tools and executive producers

The well qualified executive producer’s works hard and skillfully in searching and finding the perfect marketing tools which will attract the global partners for funding and other franchised series. The executive producers are the marvelous team of members who are the backbone of any broadcast programs and projects.

The basic skills necessary for a successful executive producer are-

  • Excellence in marketing abilities
  • Effective negotiating capacities
  • Ability to work with pressure of achieving the deadline
  • Excellence in written and verbal communication skills
  • Analytical skills
  • Vast knowledge of the current affairs, laws, and regulations and legal procedures, other requirements related to the media marketing.
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