What Is an Exfoliating Cream

Exfoliation is the process of removing dead cells. The exfoliating creams are the creams which are used to remove dead cells from the skin leaving the skin looking healthier and glowing. These creams are mostly used on the face and other hard areas of the body like heels of the feet and elbow. The exfoliating creams are of various types. Some of them are soft creams which are used to gently exfoliate the skin while the others are the ones with granules that is used generally on rough areas to remove tough skin.

Why and How To use an Exfoliating cream?

The dead cells are formed on our body regularly and which is removed by bathing and cleaning the body. However, the dead cells on the face are not easy to remove and their accumulation on the skin makes it look dull and prevents the skin from looking fresh and vibrant. Exfoliating cream helps remove these dead cells and also opens up the pores helping the skin breathe and look vibrant.

To use the exfoliating cream take a dab of this cream and massage it all over the face in circular motion including your neck and cleavage. Do not apply it near your eyes. Do not rub it harshly as it may damage your skin.  If you want, you can rub a little harder on the areas like forehead, nose and chin. You should be careful while using it at the cleavage as the skin there is delicate. Do not use exfoliating cream everyday as it may make your skin dry.This cream works by removing the dead cells on the skin making the skin glow and look vibrant.

How to choose an exfoliation cream?

The exfoliation cream to be used depends on the skin type. So, when buying an exfoliation cream it is best to first find your skin type and what suits your skin the best. A woman looking for exfoliating cream for her face would not like to have a harsh cream which may leave her skin look raw. The best exfoliating cream for face would be the one which is soft and gentle on the skin and at the same time effectively removes the dead cells. Some special exfoliating creams are there which has gentle beads which are exfoliating and they gently brush away the dead cells. However, if you are choosing exfoliating cream for feet or other rough areas it is best to use cream which has a coarser beads to give best result. How an exfoliation cream works on your skin may not be easily determined by you but it definitely shows on your skin with time as it sloughs away the dead cells making it glow.