What is an External Hard Drive

A hard drive outside the computer case in its own enclosure is called External Hard Drive. Due to the outgrown computing needs of the users, the external hard drives have become popular. External hard drives may contain a fan for cooling and are popular because they are portable devices. External hard drives can be stored securely under lock and key since they are not inside the computer case.

An external hard drive is connected to the computer system with a single high speed interface cable (connects with a simple USB port). These are used for storing valuable data and add a considerable level of safety and security. For sensitive data, an external hard drive can be used and stored in a secure location after use. Protecting important data is as simple as plugging in the external drive to one of these ports (which are FireWire 400 or FireWire 800 port but FireWire 800 is twice as fast as FireWire 400 port and eSATA port is fastest than all these ports) and copying files from the computer. In just minutes, you can have a safe, secure copy.

Being portable these drives can simply work like plug-and- play devices. Any computer with USB or FireWire ports can recognize the external hard drive as a storage device. The user can access his or her external drive as easily as he or she accesses the internal one.

One more benefit of external hard drive is that multiple computer users can store their own drives separate from other users, to protect sensitive documents or just to remove some burden from the internal hard drive. These days’ people own multiple external hard drives as their cost is dropping day by day and use them as per their wish. It can often be seen that people keep one external disk drive for multimedia, other for wok files and so on.

The data which is important to the user can be copied to the external drive. External Drives are also very sleek which makes them easy to take from one place to another. Now External drives are also coming with FireWire ports (which results in much faster data transfer).

The data is stored electronically on chips by these devices with no movable parts (the same way flash drives stores the data). This makes it more secure for the data which is stored in it and reduces the probability of losing the data.

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