What Is an HTML Body Tag

HTML is an acronym for Hypertext Mark-up Language and is the language to develop webpages. HTML is a tag based language. The tags of HTML are instructions that are embedded directly into the text of the document. An HTML Tag is used to indicate the browser that some operation is to be performed before just displaying a blank webpage on the screen. All HTML Tags begin with an open angle bracket ().

HTML tags are of two types:

Paired Tags: A tag is said to be paired if both, the open tag i.e. <> and the closed tag (called the companion tag) i.e. are there. For e.g. :

tag is a paired tag. The

tag with its companion tag

is used to output a paragraph on the webpage. Some other examples include,……tag is used to indicate start and end of the main body,


tag is used to display a table of desired rows and columns on the screen, etc…

Singular/Standalone tags: is the one which has no other companion tag i.e. only a single tag is used. For example,
tag, inserts a line break.

A number of attributes are also used with the HTML tags, which helps in making the webpage attractive by changing the background colour (using BGCOLOR), inserting an background image (using BACKGROUND), and links (using LINK) etc… The values of the colour can be specified in hexadecimal notation. Attributes such as colour, font size, text etc… can be used with the BODY tag. Like this a number of tags and their attributes are available in HTML language.


An example showing how an HTML page is created using basic HTML tags is shown below:



<head> ABC</head>

<body bgcolor=”red”

<title> Hi, How r u?</title>



Inspite of all these tags there are also many tags which are useful for this u can refer to www.w3schools.com. and there are many other forums where you can get solutions to most of your querries

There are many benefits of using the HTML tags or making a webpage using this mark-up language. It is widely accepted language for making webpages. It is the base language for creating the webpages. It is free as well as very much easy to use.

Some cons of using HTML includes improper mark-up structure used by the user, the limited security features of HTML and if used alone, produces static output only.