What is an ICU

An ICU i.e. Intensive Care Unit are special units in the hospital where seriously ill patients who need constant care and have life threatening diseases are kept. They need to be cared closely and need some special equipments and medications for support to keep their body functioning properly. These units have special trained staff which includes trained and expert doctors, nurses, physical therapists, dietitians etc. The person in ICU may suffer from disorders of multiple orders. The people who have diseases related to heart like cardiovascular problems, gastrointestinal problems, central nervous system and the respiratory problems. A person is admitted in the ICU when he is seriously ill or he is suffering from a serious injury and needs continuous observation, treatment and special care.

A person who has undergone through a serious surgery, burns can also create the condition for the patient to be admitted to the ICU. The environment of the ICU can be a little threatening for the people who are visiting the patient. The incharge if the ICU will tell the people about the condition of the patient and about the things they should know about ICU. The experience is ICU can be daunting for both the visitors and patient but staffers prove to be a good support for both of them. People can visit a patient only on specific timings if he is in ICU. Only one person is usually allowed to sit with the patient as the person becomes very sensitive to the infections.

So it is very important to control the infection otherwise it can worsen the condition of the patient. If you do not know or you are not aware of something then you should ask it from the ICU incharge. When the person fully recovers the life threatening condition and moving towards recovery, only then he/she is shifted to the general ward. Even after this, the patient needs to be observed continuously and should be taken care of properly. Keeping a patient in the ICU can help the patient to recover fully but in some severe cases, death is a possibility. So it can not only impact you physically but it can also affect you psychologically specifically the patient. You should try to be strong in that case as it will also help in reducing the stress level of the patient.

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