What is an Ingrown Hair

Ingrown hair is a benign disorder  Both men and women are known to face the problem since time immemorial. When a grown hair curls and grows in the skin is known as ingrown hair. The position where the grown hair grows sideways is seen as a little red bump. Usually, teenagers have to face such situation as it happens to every kid. It is a sign of puberty as it generally happens at the time of maturation. With time and age this disorder sheds off. As such, there are some definite reasons for the same and even definite effects. Read on to know more about both.

The six causes of ingrown hair:

  • If the skin is suffering due to a lack of moisture, ingrown hair is known to grow in the affected areas.
  • If one has stiff beard hair, in grown hair too will grow but it will not be as stiff.
  • If dead skin cells build up in and around the pores of the skin, the surface of the skin will have a prominent growth of ingrown hairs.
  • If one has coarse and curly hair that is growing from a curved follicle of the hair, in grown hair growth can be noticed.
  • If you shave by keeping the blade too close to your skin, the growth of ingrown hair can occur and get accelerated too.
  • Overall, any and every method of removing hair from the skin such as tweezing, laser removal, electrolysis, waxing and even shaving are known to cause an irritation to the inner follicles of hair. This leads to an accumulation of the dead skin cells in the affected areas. This leads to the formation of papule. The areas can also contain a significant pus formation. If this is not taken care of, the result will be growth of ingrown hair.

The effects of Ingrown hair:

  • Your skin will constantly tend to feel very tender and delicate.
  • Any trapping of the hair will lead to an inflammation of the skin tissues and result in the formation of papule. These papules are small abnormalities of the skin that appear raised. They are commonly referred to as razor bumps by people.
  • Due to the bleeding caused by the growth of ingrown hair, your pustules can get infected and rupture.
  • You are susceptible to constantly feel an irritation on and around the areas that have ingrown hair.
  • There can also be a tingling sensation.
  • At times, the growth if ingrown hair also results in a pain that can be very severe and unbearable.
  • There will also be a formation of scars on the tissues and the same can result in chronic diseases that affect the skin and result in irritation and other undesirable symptoms.

For preventing and inhibiting the growth of ingrown hair, use a soft sponge or a loofah to clean the skin after hair removal. This helps in removing the layer of dead skin cells which are the main reason for thin undesired growth of hair.