What is an Inside-The-Park Home Run

The term “inside-the-park home run” doesn’t seem to give any clue as to what is it related to. Not to worry! You will come to know shortly. “Inside-the-park home run” refers to a score in the sport of base ball where the batter hits home run without the ball leaving the park clearing the outfield fence. This run or score have become a very occurrence in modern game of base ball. To understand this completely, it is necessary for one to be aware of the basics of the baseball sport.

Baseball is a sport of bat and ball played by nine players each in two teams. There are four bases at the corners of the diamond shaped ground which spans for ninety foot. The aim of the batting team is to hit the ball and score runs by touching the four bases while the fielding team tries to restrict from scoring runs by making the batting player out. The teams alternate between batting and bowling at the end of three consecutive outs by any team.

The baseball game consists of nine innings wherein each inning refers to one batting turn by each team. Among various scoring tactics, home run is one of the interesting scores which is gained when the batter is able to reach the home safely in a single play after hitting the ball without involving any errors by the fielding team. However in the modern baseball, a home run is also scored by hitting the ball over the outfield fence, without the ball first touching the ground. From here emerges another score called “Inside-the-park home run”.

An “inside-the-park home run, otherwise called “leg home run” or a “quadruple”, is a score gained, when the batter hits a home run while the ball doesn’t touch the outfield fence and hence remains inside the ballpark. It is also important that the defensive team doesn’t commit any error during the play and the batter must touch all the four bases in the proper order of first, second, third and fourth. However with spacious outfields in early days, an “inside-the –park home runs” were common whereas with limited space of the outfields in the modern baseball games, these runs are hardly possible or scored once in a while. It is scored only by a fast baserunner who could hit the ball really fast which can take the ball from the fielders.

The most recent score of “inside-the-park home run” was hit by Omir Santos of New York in the year 2010.Baseball is one of the most popular sports enjoyed by people across the globe and it keeps the spirit alive in people.