What is an Internet Café

Internet cafes are becoming increasingly popular today because of the increasing demand for internet. Internet café is a place where people can go and use the internet. In turn, they will have to pay for it. But some of the internet cafés provides free usage of internet. You can not only use internet there but they also provide the facility to print or scan the documents. If you are going out of town, then you need not to carry your computer with you. You can use an internet café there whenever you need. Those who do not have a system at home, can also make use of internet café in order to use internet. The first internet café was opened by Londonite Eva Pascoe in September 1994 that is called Café Cyberia. Most of the cafés in United States have been replaced with Wi-Fi cafés.

Internet cafes have high speed internet and the people who do not have internet connection at their homes are the potential customers of internet cafes. But those who have internet connection usually lack speed. You can download files more easily and more quickly in an internet café as compared to downloading them from the internet connection at home. You will have to wait for prolonged period of time if you need to download a large file. But in internet cafes, this task can be done in few minutes. One of the disadvantage of internet cafes is that the danger of viruses.

As different people uses the same internet café and same computers again and again, anyone can transfer any kind of file in the computer which can make all the other computers infected too if they are shared. So to avoid this problem, some of the cafes have discarded the use of CDs and pen drives. They don’t allow people to use pen drives and CDs in order to avoid the risk of entering the virus into the computer. Internet cafes should be maintained properly. The speed, security system, bandwidth, billing should be efficient. The computers should be maintained properly. They should be updated time to time. The computers should be checked for any virus and if any virus is found, it should be deleted immediately. Though internet cafes are becoming increasingly popular in India but in United States, these have already gained much popularity and now all the internet cafes are being replaced by Wi-Fi so that they can work much faster than before.

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