What is an Internet Troll

An internet troll is person who posts offensive and outrageous messages in the message boards, forums etc. He posts abusive messages to get replies from the people or just to draw their attention towards him. Some of the people do this just for fun or for no use. They just find it enjoying posting abusive messages in the message boards. They become habitual and start doing it regularly on daily basis. Offensive or abusive messages can include name calling, bigotry, racism or simply bickering between the users. This habit of some people not only wastes the time of the person to whom he is sending these messages but also spoils the opportunity for other people to get into some constructive discussion. Internet trolls are very common.

You can find them in chat rooms, news blogs, forums and social networking sites or in any communication place online.  Trolls can send abusive or offensive messages to some specific person or to all the people in a particular conversation place. They will start talking about any random topic which is of no interest to anyone or simple will intervene between the communications of other people. They do not abide by the rules and regulations of the forums or chat rooms. They do not follow the basic net etiquettes. They feel happy by insulting others. They feel happy when you get angry because of them. so if you find someone like this while chatting or while participating in any discussion, then simply ignore him or even after that, the person is trying to cause you any concern then you can block him.

Internet trolls are usually cowards as they just post something which gives rise to an argument and will sit back and enjoy. They usually have false identity and you should not trust an internet troll for whatever he says to you about his/her identity. Trolls are troublesome and distracting. A person naturally will get annoyed if someone is abusing him/her regularly. A rude reaction of that person is very much possible. Internet trolls cannot be identified or recognized easily. So it is not possible to ignore or avoid them completely. We all are exposed to this risk. But if you find someone in a conversation, who is flaming others then simply logout or block that person before getting into a conversation with someone. They are best to be ignored. Each time you will respond to their messages, they will try to annoy you more.

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