What is an Intranet

Intranet is a network that is not available to the outside world of it. Intranet is the collection of private computer networks within an organization. An intranet uses network technologies as a tool to facilitate communication between people or workgroups. It also helps in improving the data sharing capability and overall knowledge base of an organization’s employees.

If the Intranet network is connected to the Internet, the Intranet will reside behind a firewall. If intranet is allowed access from the Internet, will be an Extranet. The firewall helps to control access between the Intranet and Internet to permit access to the Intranet only to people who are members of the same company or organization.

An Intranet can be set up on a networked PC without any PC on the network having access via the Intranet network to the Internet. For example, in an organization there are few employees and only a few printers are there which are networked together. Then the employees of that organization are only allowed to have access to the printer, the members from the outside world are not allowed to be connected to that network.

Intranet is mostly implemented in educational institutes such as universities or collages and the corporations. Internet offers a gateway to the internet with a firewall which helpful to protect the intranet from unauthorized external access.

Advantages of an Intranet

Enhances the productivity at an organization Used for many things dealing with communication Helpful to organizations as delivery mechanisms for applications, drivers and collaborative projects Helps in associating finding data quickly and easy through a browser interface. Reduces the amount of time that it takes to contact an individual at the HR Dept… Instead, information is at the fingertips of all associates. Information is available when a worker needs it, not just when people with the information send it out via email.

Disadvantages of an Intranet

Management does need to give up control of specific information Security issues add to another disadvantage with an intranet. For e.g. any employee if posted some sensitive information for all employees to see then in can be harmful or there is too much information which should not be available to everyone can cause problems for the organization. Information overload exists sometimes when too much data is up on the intranet.

But intranet has provided the organizations with more UPs then the DOWNs and thus is widely used now.

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