What is an Intrapreneur

Many large organizations are running successfully in different parts of the world. Have you ever thought who the people behind the success of these organizations are? An organization’ success does depend upon various factors and people working in it but the product a co-operation makes is what defines it and the responsibility of turning ideas into a finished product is that of an intrapreneur. An intrapreneur is the gem of the co operation whose ideas are tuned into profitable products.

Intrapreneurs are people working in an organization who use their creative and innovative ideas to make finished and good quality products for the organization to have maximum profits. Intrapreneur is a person who acts as an entrepreneur and has the characteristics of one but works on a small level. Intrapreneurship is in a way related to entrepreneurship but in a way it is different from it as well. An entrepreneur is the owner of the organization and works for the profit of his own organization whereas an intrapreneur is a person employed by an organization to work to maximize the profit of the organization. Both the intrapreneur and entrepreneur are responsible for using their creative and innovation to turn ideas into products. They both should have some common traits such as confidence, persuasion, and desire to bring fine products for their organizations. An Intraprenuer should have confidence in himself and the organization he works for should also have confidence in him because an intrapreneur idea for a new product could result in a huge success of that organization if it is built in the same manner it was designed and becomes an acceptable product by people for whom it was built. An intrapreneur should have the capability to foresee the outcomes of the success as well as the failure. They should be able to take risks and should be capable enough to make those risks as minimum as possible while building up a product. He should accept his failures with optimism and should learn to improve for future.

Today many organizations are building environment to encourage intrapreneurship. These organizations make sure that the environment in which their employees work should encourage their innovative ideas. They should provide their employees with enough resources so as for their employees to turn their ideas into reality and could develop the manpower available in the best possible manner. Some of the highly known leaders of today were one of the best intrapreneurs of their time. Due to their efforts and dedication, their work got noticed and today they’re at the post of an entrepreneur.

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