What is an Inventory Controller

Whether you are running a small business or a large business, inventory is a must for the smooth functioning of your business. There is no doubt about it. In general, there are many types of inventories. An inventory controller is that person who has professional expertise to keep track of the inventories maintained by a company. The inventory controller has various names in different countries, but the core expertise needed for this kind of job is always remains same.

For the small business owners, there’s a little bad news. The inventory controllers don’t come at low salaries. They need a good salary to oversee the inventories of your company. But, the small business owners very often struggle to keep one. Therefore, they try to do it themselves to save some money. But, in the process, they bring in irregularities in to their business. Therefore, it’s better to go for an inventory controller for best results.

To become a successful inventory controller, one needs to combine both art and science. The art part is required to imagine the process of accounts and cash flow. On the other hand the subject requires advanced math knowledge along with above average computer skills. Moreover, to become a successful inventory controller one needs to get a college or university degree. There is quite a good demand out there for this position. One needs to combine his academic qualifications to quality internships for best results.

There is a lot of risk associated with the job of an inventory controller. It’s almost like a bed of thorns. One must be extremely cautious to avoid any charges of intentional manipulations in the inventory to favor an external party or an insider. The controller must keep an alert eye on each and every transaction or entry to avoid future complications. If someday, the business falls apart, the entire management will make him responsible for all the false entries. So, it’s better to take preventive measure before the disease.

For small scale businesses, one inventory controller needs to oversee the entire operations. But, on the other hand, several such controllers are appointed to oversee the entire business in case of large scale industries or businesses.

With the extraordinary development in the world of science and technology in the past few years, the job of an inventory controller has become quite exciting. Newer equipments are coming in, customized software have replaced boring traditional accounting platform and more money has been put into this area of working. So, if you are good at math, statistics or commerce, then this career is surely for you.


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