What Is an iPhone

IPhone was developed and marketed by Apple for the first time in June 2007. It is a device which has integrated phone and media player. It is a multifunctional device which along with working as cellular telephone can be used as digital camera, music and video player, PDA. It also allows the use of internet communication suite. Thus many electronic gadgets are combined together in a single device and have a shared interface and integration between them.

There is synchronization between the individual components of iPhone in using data and hardware. If the iPhone is using media player, the sound of the song fades away when a call is received whereas it resumes its previous volume when the call is disconnected. The camera in the iPhone can be used for making video calls as well as it can be used to take still pictures and make videos. The picture taken by the iPhone can also be linked to the phonebook and can be used to identify them in the phonebook. The redesigned Bluetooth of Apple iPhone can be used to listen to music as well as receive calls. The touch screen of the iPhone is designed in such a way that all the devices can be used without taking the help of a stylus.One of the latest version of iPhone called iPhone4 has both rear and front camera for video calling and can also be used in Skype. It has got higher resolution of 960×640 display and was released in June 2010. However, the latest version iPhone4s was launched in October 2011.

History of iPhone :-

Steve Jobs the then CEO of Apple directed the development of iPhone in 2005. He pioneered the development of iPhone shifting his focus from tablet like the iPad. Steve Jobs released the iPhone in January 2007 at the Macworld convention organized at Moscone center in San Francisco. Such was the craze for iPhone that customer lined outside the stores to buy nationwide. iPhone has many features such as making calls, video and music player, photo editing, playing movie, navigation of web, text message and many other. Though these functions are also available in various devices, the iPhone gave the option of having it together in just one device. Steve Jobs gave a demonstration of the iPhone when he received his senior vice president worldwide marketing call and saved his address, asked him to email his photo, jobs mailed him his photo all while he was still on call. All this features and many more make iPhone a hot cake in the market. Iphone has been a benchmark in cellula history. IT giants such as Google and Microsoft are trailing Apple to find a place in the smartphone industry.