What is an iPod

iPod was created and marketed by Apple inc. It is a portable media player which can play many digital media files. There are many versions of iPod available in the market which has functions like just playing the music using a headphone and are small in size, one with video screen which allows playing of movie media files, some are touchscreen and others can allow use of internet using wireless technology. The new versions with new features and technology are very frequently released in the market with the improvement in technology and design.

Apple inc released their first iPod in 2001 whose body was made up of acrylic glass and chrome. After three years Apple released another version called iPod mini which was one third the size of the original and came encased in a number of metallic colors. Only after a year iPod mini was discontinued and was replaced with iPod Nano. In 2005 Apple again released a smallest version called the shuffle which was very much like the original. All these versions of iPod did not have a display screen. One of the latest version of iPod released by Apple was in 2007 and had touchscreen facility. It not only can store media files but it also functions as PDA and has facility of accessing wireless internet. It can also be used to play video games. The most recent version of iPod was designed on September 1, 2010.

The storage capacity of the iPods varies from 2GB to 160GB depending on their versions. The original version of iPod called as iPod classic can store 5GB of digital files, which means one can store up to 1000 digital music files. The iPod shuffle has the storage capacity of 2GB whereas the iPod classic has storage capacity of 160GB. The iPod classic and mini model which has comparatively larger size uses hard drive to store the media files whereas nano, shuffle and touchscreen uses flash memory for storage of media files.

The contents of the iPod are managed by Apple Inc. by using a software called iTunes. To download the files from iTunes, the iPod is connected to the computer and then iTunes is used to transfer media files from the computer to the iPod. These fields can then be organized. The model which has touch screen can connect to the iTunes directly using internet and can download media files for a small price or it may be free. It can also download Apple’s App Store by giving some price or for free. The iTunes software can be used to download music from only those computers which use certain versions of Apple Macintosh or Microsoft Windows operating system.