What is an ISP

ISP stands for Internet Service Provider (also known as Internet Access Provider). ISP is a company that provides Internet connectivity to home and business users or clients. ISP comes in the communication category which provides the people with internet facility. It is available in almost each and every part of a country. It also supports more than one forms of Internet access ranging from dial up modems to DSL and cable broadband services.

The internet connection that takes place with the help of service provider is accomplished with the help of some wire (may be copper wire or some other material wire). These service providers offer Internet access through wireless LAN (Local Area Network) or wireless broadband networks. ISP’s are typically commercial which offer other services such as Web Hosting, email, access to software tools etc… despite of providing internet connection.

When a person connects to ISP, he or she becomes a part of a network. The ISP may then connect to some larger network and become a part of their network. Internet Service Provides maintains large volume of cabling and maintains network services for those people who are paying the subscription fee so that they can get delivery of their web contents efficiently. A few companies also offer free ISP service to those who need Internet connectivity occasionally but this free connectivity is time bounded and included with some products or services.

There are many different types of Internet Service Providers each of which provides different levels of service, coverage and personal customer service to its users. ISP is a complete package of services through which the user should go thoroughly and then only select an ISP.

The speed of connection is a major concern of majority of users. Depending upon the usage of the customer and for what purpose internet is needed, the customer can choose a service provided by his or her trusted service provider. For e.g. if a customer wants to download or upload movies or some other media content then he or she must go for a high speed internet connection. Dial up connections were used earlier, but due to the changing needs of the people connections with higher speeds are also now available. These are preferred because most websites are loaded with visual effects and high size file images. What was once accepted is now no longer accepted by the users today as they prefer faster services.

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