What is an LPN

A LPN (licensed practical nurse) is a profession related to nursing who is capable of execute the ample kind of jobs under the direction of doctor. LPN can also do the task under RN (registered nurse). However, licensed practical nurses are also recognized as approved/licensed vocation nurses. The short form of licensed vocation nurse is LVN. The nurse of health care community is capable of grant a huge type of precious services in a diversity of settings. These settings contain hospitals, private homes and housing care facilities.

Becoming LPN require one to a two-year professional training program. This profession is available for male and female and they both can pursue the qualification in specializations like obstetrics or oncology to offer nursing in specific divisions in medical department. The colleges with career specializations and few nursing schools are offering LPN courses. There the students will get the practical experience as well. However, the applicants with good foundation in biology in high school can easily get the admission in colleges. Nowadays, some students are also pursuing the foreign language courses to get the LPN job in abroad or other countries as well.

Once certification is done the LPN can offer care to the patient of different levels. Regular tasks of nurse like supporting the patients during the bath, helping them to reach bathroom, and moving with a patient for physical examinations and therapy is the frequent job of LPN. However, some other tasks are also done by LPN like charting changes in the patient’s condition, monitoring patients, and gathering the samples for diverse tests. The certified nurse can also do the task related to intravenous drips and can complete negligible processes. Changing the dresses and appointing on particular tasks is also the job of LPN, though the task should be performed under doctor or RN supervision.

LPNs are not allowed to execute the complicated tasks such as surgical procedure and anesthesia induction, though LPNs can get occupied in lots of portions of a patient’s medical procedures. In busy medical centers, nurses are offered more tasks so that can also be the additional works added into the profile. LPN is also responsible to offer essential primary care to patients in the treatment center. LPNs are also perfect in community information classes so that LPN can make a treatment plan for a particular patient.

Today, lots of centers are looking for professional experienced LPN so those who are skilled will get ample of chances to make their career. The residence nurse job is another one, which includes limited services so LPN can go for such a job. 

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