What is an MP3 Boombox

Today when everyone is running around with an I-pod tucked to their sleeves or the arm band I often wonder how did it all began, What made music on the streets, beaches so popular?And what compelled those street shows with Guys rapping and be-buoying with those big metal chains and locks in their necks. Those dance groups practicing their moves on a schoolrooftop? Yes am talking about the time of Mp3 Boom boxes, jam box, wogga Box or what so ever you may call it by. Mp3 boom box was simply portable audio players which could play FM/AM, cassettes and even mp3 CD’s.

The first boom boxes were introduced into the market in the late 1970’s when people were getting used to the concept of listening to music while being on a picnic, lunch by the beach or a school trip. The Boom boxes initially had a cassette player that could play and record tapes, and could play radio through FM tuner, they had basic functions like dubbing, bass control, a few on the expensive side had a Led or digital equalizer too but soon came the Mp3 boom boxes that could even play CD’s. These boom boxes could play MP3 CD’s; standard CD’s and had more features like deeper, enhanced bass. Programmable ability to make a playlist and few even came with phono input and outputs, microphone switch, and even a remote. The Boom boxes became so popular that we could see them in almost all movies, documentaries and music videos, Youth were shown carrying these boom boxers on their shoulders, tapping there feet as they walk on the streets, street performers using these boom boxes to attract the mob towards them.

These boom boxes being portable can be run using both AC or DC cables and even batteries, the size of these boxes majorly was dependent upon the size of the speakers being used with them; few had even detachable speakers for better stereo sound. The bigger the boom box, the more number of batteries it used to require thereby making it bulky up to around 20pounds or so. The audio quality and the size and weight were the only three scopes of competition among the companies manufacturing these boom boxes and the preference and taste of people also shifted from those large portable stereos towards smaller size by the early 1990’s, which then lead to the evolution of all that we see today around us. It’s almost impossible to find a dual decked Boom box which was once the standard of lifestyle among the music lovers. Boom boxes are very rare now but am sure all those who have had them in those times did re-live the moments and would think of finding some extra space in their room for that good old friend of theirs.

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