What is an Official Passport

An official passport is issued to a person traveling overseas or internationally for any official business. This passport is meant specifically for the people who travel and not for those who are posted on permanent job overseas. People who are assigned the job overseas are actually issued a diplomatic passport and not an official passport. In order to identify official passports they are printed in a different color from a regular passport.  

Official Passport is issued to the different class and category of people like:

  • The Government employees or non officials whose passes are paid by the resident country government for an official visit to foreign country.
  • Bank official or officials of various state controlled institutes, corporations and undertakings, proceeding outside their country for the official work at an expense of their organization.
  • Government Officials who are deputed by the country government to the foreign organizations or government agencies.
  • Officials who are especially sponsored by Government Ministries to attend international seminars, conferences, meetings or training under the scholarship schemes.

Official passport do not offer any specific privileged to the travelers bearing them. This passport is also called as a service passport. People need not pay any service charge or fee to apply and acquire an official passport.  The formalities to apply for an official passport are similar to the materials required for a regular passport. There is an additional form that a traveler may need to fill in which will confirm that the passport is specifically needed for an official business. 

It is also important to know that a tourist may require a traveling passport and not an official passport.  A person can however carry both the official and travel passport provided they are accompanied with their respective visa that matches up with the passport details. This forms as one of the basics requirement especially when a person enters a particular country on the basis of a tourist passport and then leaves the country with an official passport. 

It is also important to know that a person traveling for a recreation with an official visa is likely to face legal consequences. Thus, a person whoever is in a doubt whether his or her traveling is a official trip or not must first consult a supervisor or a superiors and then proceed to start the trip on an official passport. 

Every person traveling on an official business along with his or her family may also need to acquire a separate official passport for each family member. A similar condition is applicable for the tourist and his or her family members too. Many companies and agencies that require an international travel visa are readily available to assist people with the application form for an official passport.