What is an Oncologist

An oncologist is one who treats cancer. The study, diagnosing and treatment of cancer are called oncology. To become a certified oncologist, you need to be a graduate from a medical college and then you can enter into the training as a specialist. It takes years to become an oncologist. After medical school, there will be 4-6 years of training. An oncologist should be the best as cancer is a dangerous disease so he/she should have good knowledge about his/her field otherwise it can become the matter of life and death. There are several types of oncology in which you can go for specialization:

Gynecological Oncology: this is a specialization in female reproductive system cancers like ovarian cancer, cervical cancer, uterine cancer etc. Medical Oncology: in this, the specialists treat cancer with the help of the medicines. Usually they use chemotherapy in combination with surgical procedure to kill the tumor. In this hormonal treatment can also be used. Pediatric Oncology: specialists in pediatric oncology deals with the cancer in children. Radiation Oncology: this specialization uses radiations to treat cancer. The goal of this oncology is to kill the tumor cells with high radiations. Surgical Oncology: these specialists treat cancer with surgery like breast cancer. The cancerous tissues are removed in this treatment but if the organ is also affected then that organ is also removed. These are general surgeons who do additional training in surgery. Hematology: in this, the specialized treats the cancers and disorders of blood like leukemia. They receive additional training in bone marrow transplant as bone marrow transplant is the main and common treatment for these kinds of cancers.

Cancer is a difficult disease to fight with. The oncologist may have to combine various methods to treat a cancer patient. So he/she should have deep knowledge about his/her field. If detected early, cancer van be cured but if not, then it can be difficult to save a cancer patient, so early detection of cancer is necessary. Cancer patients needs care and support. If cancer cannot be cured then the patient should be given palliative treatments in order to reduce his/her pain and can improve the quality of his remaining life. Even after years of research, we are unable to find a treatment as a complete cure of cancer. Cancer is still an enduring and deadly mystery.

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