What is an Operating System

An operating system is liable to control and assign memory to recognize the input received from other devices and reproducing them to the computer’s output on its monitor. This program is vital part for of a computer as it controls its each and every work from inputs to outputs and even arranging files on hard drive to managing the softwares and hardware like scanners and printers. It controls every thing to make the working of the computer smooth without any disturbance even if several programs and devices work at the same time. it also controls the security of the computer as it checks the illicit user if he tries to approach the computer system through several programs like password etc.

Operating systems are available in various types like multiprocessing, multi-user, multithreading, real-time operating systems and multitasking which can control the working of large sized computers efficiently as per their utility.

  • Multiprocessing operating system:
    A program can be run on more than one CPU at a time through multiprocessor operating system. This type of operating system is useful in schools and other such institutions where one program has to be run on various CPUs.
  • Multi-user operating system:
    Several users can use the computer system at the system on a computer having Multi-user operating system. It can handle any number of users at the same time. some of multi-user operating systems have the capacity to allow thousands of users to run the program simultaneously.
  • Multithreading operating system:
    This operating system allows different part of a program to be used at a time.
  • Real-time operating system:
    The system that permits a computer to process the inputs and respond them spontaneously is known as Real-time operating system. The operating systems that take a bit of time to respond the inputs are not included in this category like DOS etc. These operating systems are used on the computers where the immediate response is solicited from them like the systems used navigation devices.
  • Multitasking operating system:
    More than programs are enabled to run at a time on a system through multitasking operating system.

Most of the operating systems used these days have GUIs (graphical user interface) which needs a pointing device for input like mouse or stylus in some computers. Mostly the variations of Microsoft Windows, Unix and Linux are used in the PCs that are compatible to IBM systems whereas the computers compatible to Macintosh use Linux, Mac OS X, some variants of Windows and BSD as their operating systems.

Conclusion: thus, an operating system is the vital program that is used in a computer to control its entire working from inputs to display its output as well as controlling the peripherals like scanners and printers to execute the process efficiently and smoothly.