What is an Organ

Organ is a structural part of human body.  The brain forms the neuro center of the body.  Likewise heart circulates the blood.  The lungs, inhale oxygen and exhale the carbon dioxide. The stomach helps for the digestion of the food.  Gall bladder assists the stomach in its functioning.  Likewise organs perform different sorts of functions for the effective working of the body.  

Two or more organs work together for the specified effective functioning of the body.  Thus organ systems which are also called as biological system or body system performs their operation based on different organs.  Neuro endocrine system is one such it needs the performance of nervous system and endocrine system.  Both operate together for the shared organ known as hypothalamus. Likewise, musculoskeletal system. It has the internal relationship with the muscles and skeletal system. In the plants also, you can find two different types of organ systems.  One is vegetative system and another is reproductive system.  As all the people know that vegetative system comprises of roots, stems and leaves the functioning of three lets the plant to survive.  The reproductive organs are variable as it changes from plant to plant.  Suppose in flowering plants, they are flowers, fruits and seeds.   In some conifers, the reproductive cones can give rise to new plants.  

Likewise gametophores in mosses help to give rise to a new plant. For the effective maintenance of life of a plant, vegetative organs help to their best.  This vegetative system performs some vital and important functions such as photosynthesis etc., Reproductive organs mainly perform the functioning of reproduction.  Sometimes, in some plants the vegetative organs themselves can create the new plants like colonial colony. For vascular plants, root, shoot and reproductive system are the three main organ systems. In animals, the organ system was first verified with the flatworms to the more advanced phyla.  Few cells and less advanced taxons like peripheral and radiate could not show the consolidation of tissues in the functioning of the body. Human body comprises of different parts.  

Some of them are outside and some of them are inside.  Organs such as nose, hands, feet, arms can be said as outside parts and the parts of inside are lungs, heart, stomach, intestines, kidneys and many more. The term “organs” can be described as parts of your body to work independently.  Some people do not consider skin as an organ.  But it is the body’s big organ.  Your organs play vital role in the working of body.  Organs together working will let the body move and do different tasks such as breathing, digestion and likewise. Conclusion: Thus organs and organ systems are very important for the effective functioning of the whole body.  Any problem to anybody may lead to the disruption of all the body functions. Thus healthy food and mental peace lets the organs to function smoothly.