What is an Orthodontist

Orthodontist is a type of dentist who looks after the alignment of jaws and teeth. His work is to correct jaws and teeth of a person which are misaligned presently.

Increased number of dental problems has lead to division of dentists into several categories. One of these categories is Orthodontist. An orthodontist is a dentist who looks after the jaw or teeth which is misaligned. He looks after the jaws and teeth of every person and tries his level best to correct misaligned ones. Misaligned teeth and jaw makes the person’s face look a bit different and generally people don’t like it so there are many people who seek an orthodontist for getting their jaw corrected or fixed. These people generally want to get it fixed at any cost irrespective of money, pain or time.

Dental problems may affect adults as well as the kids. Correcting the teeth or jaw of adults is more difficult when compared to that of kids. This is because kid’s jaw can be treated and misaligned jaw can be prevented as permanent teeth don’t grow till that age. As the result, dentists can take certain measures which can help them to correct kid’s jaw which will not allow any teeth to grow in abnormal way. Orthodontists take care of problems such as tooth decay, teeth overcrowding and problems due to injuries or accidents. Hence, people or kids who have any of these problems can contact an orthodontist to get it corrected. Adding to it, Orthodontist also looks after the newborn babies who have cleft lips or cleft palates.

There are several problems that occur due to misalignment of teeth. These problems may occur in kids as well as adults. Main problems that are caused due to misalignment of teeth are open bite, cross bite and can even cause breathing problems and snoring. These problems may increase if left untreated for long time. Therefore, to be on the safe side, if you have any teeth which is located abnormally then you must consult an Orthodontist and get your teeth fixed. Orthodontist can be also consulted for any cosmetic reasons so if you want to do anything stylish in your jaw or teeth you can contact him.

An orthodontist treats kids and adults in different ways. All the orthodontists usually apply different techniques so that they can provide excellent correction to the patient’s jaw. A kid whose permanent teeth have not grown yet has an advantage because if his jaw is corrected at this age he will not face any problem later when his permanent teeth will grow. On the other hand, adults have permanent teeth which should not be forcefully broken for correcting the jaw so orthodontists prefer braces or retainers to correct the alignment of their teeth.

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