What is an Orthopedic Surgeon

Orthopedic surgery or in general orthopedics is the division of surgery that deals with conditions involved in the musculoskeletal system. In general it can be defined as the study about the musculoskeletal system. The orthopedic surgeon or doctor is a specialist person who can diagnose and treats the various conditions related to the musculoskeletal system. These surgeons can make use of both the non surgical and surgical methods to treat the various syndromes relating to the musculoskeletal system.

The orthopedic surgeons mostly treat the muscle and skeleton related problems which commonly include congenital deformities and arthritis. They treat their patients after performing physical examinations, and planning the treatment methods. The most common surgeries that are done by Orthopedic Surgeons include back bone surgeries, repair fractures in bones and joint replacement surgery. The use of imaging techniques is inevitable for these orthopedic surgeons. They make use of different imaging techniques such as fluoroscopy, X-ray etc., so as to study the condition of the patient and decide the nature of treatment needed for their patient.

An orthopedic surgeon must be capable of handling the stressful situations as during the operations as the patient may respond negatively to the treatment or the condition is out of the doctor’s control. The orthopedic surgeon must act quickly under such stressful circumstances to bring the conditions under his control. They also have to keep their knowledge up to date to work with the advanced equipments so as to easily recover the patients. In some of the countries an orthopedic surgeon has to renew their license at a particular time so as to continue to practice as an orthopedic doctor in order to ensure that they are up to date with the new equipments.

There are several techniques that are used by the orthopedic surgeons to treat their patients. The arthroscopy and the Arthroplasty technique are most widely used by these surgeons. In this arthroscopy technique a hole is initially made through which the operation of the damaged part is carried out with the help of a camera like the endoscope method. The primary advantage of the arthroscopy over the traditional method is that the recovery of the patients is quicker as the body is not fully opened. Knee arthroscopy is one of the usually used arthroscopy technique by the orthopedic surgeons. In order to become as an orthopedic surgeon a doctorate degree is necessary and also with a Postgraduate guidance in orthopedic operations. In order to practice as an orthopedic surgeon the person has to take a state administered exam which must be certified by the government.