What is an Ozonizer

Ozonizer is a special kind of water purifier that is being hugely used in home and offices as well to make drinking water free of germs and contaminants. It increases ReDox and oxygen in your water and clarifies it. It also helps the skimmers to work more efficiently. However, in order to use this element you have to be more careful because if you can’t use it properly it may wipe out your water tank. Excessive use of Ozonizer results in hair loss. So before you start using this purifier ask from the specialists that how much does of Ozonizer you should use to purify a perfect amount of water.

Howe does it work:

An Ozonizer has is also known as ozone generator and is mistakenly thought as synonymous with air purifier or ionizer. Ozonizer works in different ways to clear drinking water of germs, bacteria’s and other contaminants.

  • It produce ionized particles in water
  • By changing the air with the help of negative high voltage Ozonizer creates ozone in water. Thus it assures that the water will be free of all germs as no germ or bacteria can survive in such negative high voltage.
  • Unlike the ionizers it doesn’t produce ionized form of different molecules. It actually produces ozone, which is an important element needed to clear drinking water.

Other important facts:

You can easily judge the importance of using Ozonizer as water purifier if you read the following features of Ozonizer.

  • Ozonizer can kill bacteria faster than bromine, chlorine and any other regular water purifier. It starts working as soon as it comes in contact with the contaminants.
  • Ozonizer only can kill virus, neither bromine nor chlorine can do this tough job.
  • It helps in oxidizing oil and also assists in precipitating heavy metals from water.
  • It gets dissolved in water very fast and starts working where as other mediums of purifier take a lot of time.
  • Ozonizer also helps in killing mold, yeast spores, algae spores, fungus, etc.

Important notes:

There are few people who claim that the Ozonizer can be used as useful treatment to prevent aliments in wide range. Ozonizer leaves a negative effect on fungi, bacteria, and several other viruses as well and is assumed that it will help the body to get relieved of these ailments easily. They also believe that it will strengthen the functionality of the body day-by-day. A few proponents suggest a range of ozone based therapy like passing the gas through lungs or injecting it to help a body to get rid of any negative ailments.

However, it is seen that the uses of Ozonizer as a therapy is limited in parts of Europe and in Asia. The people of United States use the Ozonizer to purify air to prevent molds and ambient bacteria, but they don’t trust on Ozonizer as a method of treatment.

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