What Is an Ultrasound

This ability is due to the fact that the middle ear acts as a filter allowing only sound of the mid range frequency. Ultrasound waves directly reach the skull bone and the cochlea by means of bone conduction, and thus overcome the middle ear. Psychoacoustics state that children can hear high pitched sound whereas adults cannot; because the ability to listen to high pitched sounds become less with age. Many animals on the contrary have an upper limit frequency that is actually higher than that of the human ear and thus can hear ultrasound. Apparently, a dog’s whistle can be heard only by a dog.

Medical sonography is one technique that is based on ultrasound medical imaging and is used to visualize the various parts of the human body such as the tendons, the internal organs, muscles, and pathological lesions by means of observing their tomographic images. This technology is in vogue for the past fifty years and thus radiologists and sonographers have used this far more frequently when compared to MRI and CT. It is also a unique technique which is used to observe fetuses during the prenatal care. Such type of sonography that is used during the time of pregnancy is known as obstetric sonography.

Sonography is also known as one of the risk free techniques as it does not employ the usage of mutagenic radiation, which can in turn harm the various parts of the human body by means of breaking down the chromosome and thus lead to cancer development. Nevertheless, there are two types of psychological implications that have been observed. Firstly, it enhances the response to inflammation and secondly, it can heat the soft tissue of the body. Also, the energy produced by means of the mechanical pressure of the waves passes through the soft tissue and leads to the formation of many soft microscopic bubbles and the dissolution of the cell membrane. Also, when ultrasound passes through the human body, it causes different types of molecular friction and thus heats up the tissues slightly.

The effect of this is very minimal and the dissipation of the tissue spreads away most of the heat, however, with the high intensity, it also causes minor pockets of gas to be formed. Mostly, sonography is used to determine the date of pregnancy, check for the number of fetuses and determine if there are any growth abnormalities. Also, it is used to determine the sex of the fetus in many instances. However, few of the times, the results are wrong and thus give false positive results. However, there are relevant trials that are into existence that constantly aim at improving the results that are being delivered. With all this and more, it would be apt to say that ultrasound sonography is one cost effective and safe method for the determination of a wide range of physicality.