What Is an Ultraviolet Flashlight

Ultraviolet flashlight is the type of light which has the shortest wavelength and hence cannot be seen by naked eyes. It is used in various fields like it is used for inspection of any evidence of crime and to locate and leak or crack in materials such as pipes and furniture.

There are lights which human cannot see with naked eyes even if it is switched on. This is quite strange for people who hear or see it for the first time because people know that lights can always be seen. Violet colored light have the shortest wave length and hence cannot be seen by naked eyes. Hence this light is called Ultraviolet flashlight and is also known as black light. It is called black light because actually black light cannot be seen as light is something that makes a dark place glow.

In simpler words, a light of violet color that has shortest wavelength of visible light is called Ultraviolet flashlight (UV light) or black light.

How ultraviolet flashlights are assembled ?

It is a tricky question as a lot of things goes into production. However, there are certain fundamental components that are exclusively used in Ultraviolet flashlight. Ultraviolet flashlights are made up of different types of materials and different flashlights have some different features. Most of the flashlights are made up of aluminum and plastics because these materials provide durability which is comparatively more than other materials. Apart from this, black lights generally run on the power of batteries which are available in the market. As UV lights can be needed at any situation for different purposes most of the flashlights are waterproof and are made in such a way that they cannot be destructed easily. Flashlights have LED which plays very important role in its functioning because LED helps most of the flashlights to shine at various outputs.

Use of Ultraviolet flashlight in everyday life

This UV light is used in many useful fields in order to help the user and his team or organization. Nevertheless, the following points showcases its basic utilization in 21st century.

  • Though UV light is very dull and do not produce much light yet it is used to see what is happening in a poorly lit or dark area. As this is a useful thing to get a proof or evidence of something, many policemen and investigators use it to check whether there is any evidence, which they are unable to see with naked eyes without light, of the crime that has taken place in a particular area.
  • It is also used in discos, night clubs and bars to check the stamps that are given by people on patron for admission.
  • Other than this, workers such as repairmen or professionals who provide handymen services use UV light in order to locate cracks or leaks in materials such as furniture and pipes that are located in a dark area.

Precautions and measures

When using an ultraviolet flashlight it should be kept in mind that the user is not reflecting it on any reflective surface because if anyone sees this light it can cause vision damage. This is the reason why it is recommended not to watch this light with naked eyes.

Hence, we have harvested this UV lights to unearth most darkest of secrets as Ultraviolet flashlights have become an imperative apparatus of criminology studies. However, a user must always remember the precautions while using it.