What is Anemia

Hemoglobin in the red blood cells is the main ingredient necessary to keep some one healthy as its deficiency can cause Anemia which may result in damage his brain, heart and other vital organs. Red color to the blood is caused by the iron rich proteins called hemoglobin which are responsible to carry oxygen to the vital parts of the body to regularize their functioning. Regular anemic condition in a person may cause tiredness and other depressing symptoms that shows general downfall in the health of the effected person. Our blood is the combination of several crucial ingredients like red blood cells, platelets, white blood cells and plasma. Anemia can be diagnosed by counting the number of red cells in the specific sample of blood which makes the medical professional able to understand the kind of disease and treat it accordingly to recover from the anemic conditions.

Anemia is found in various types which are mainly classified into 3 classes on the basis of the reasons that cause them. But the effected person will have to consult some professionals of this field, irrespective of the type of Anemia experienced.

Classes of Anemia

  • Due to loss of blood: This situation occurs when the effected person faces some accident causing bleeding heavily or in case of heavy menstruation in women. Such loss of blood may cause deficiency of blood in the body which may cause deficiency in hemoglobin to cause anemia ultimately.
  • Faulty red blood cells production: It is the second type of Anemia that is caused by the loss of blood due to defect in the production of red blood cells.
  • Destruction of red blood cells: This type of Anemia is caused by the deficiency of blood due to destruction of red blood cells in the body of the effected person.
  • Infestation by Worms : Worms like Hookwarm suck the blood and reside in small intestine.

Anemia in one’s body may occur because of rapid destruction of the red blood cells, weak production of red blood cells or heavy loss of red blood cells, and for this reason the supply of oxygen to the vital parts of the body get affected which may cause unwanted tiredness, lack in working capacity and energy, stresses and abnormal heart beats. An Anemic patient should not ignore such symptoms and consult some medical professional to get proper medical care in time to reduce the chances of further worsening of health conditions.

One can control some of the causes that create anemic conditions in human being like deficiency of iron rich ingredients in the blood which can be recovered by taking rich foods containing supplements of blood, as advised by a qualified physician. Thus, Anemia is caused by the disorder in red blood cells in one’s body due to several reasons and the main treatment for it is to increase their formation in the blood.


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