What is Angina

Angina is the chest pain that is caused when your heart does not get enough oxygen. It can cause severe discomfort to the patient. Angina is not a disease. It is an indication that you have some heart problem. It is usually a symptom of CHD i.e. Coronary Heart Disease. This disease is mostly found in the adults. Most of the people say that they feel firm pressure on their chest, heaviness, tightness and pain in the chest. The chest pain caused due to angina is very difficult to differentiate from the pain caused due to other reasons. If you feel pain in the chest or any other problem, then you should seek medical attention immediately. It can be an indication of something serious. Angina is of many types like:

  • Stable angina: stable angina follows a regular pattern. Stable angina is the most common type of angina. Pain usually goes when pain killer is taken and if patient take rest properly. This type of angina is not so severe and not dangerous but it can be an indication of danger. So doctor should be consulted as soon as possible.
  • Unstable angina: unstable angina does not follow a regular pattern. It can be severe for the patient. The patient may feel sharp pain in the chest which does not go with rest and even medication. So whenever you feel such kind of pain, consult the doctor as soon as possible as it can result in heart attack too.
  • Variant angina: this type of angina is not commonly found. The pain usually occurs in the early morning and at late nights. Pain killers can give you relief from the chest pain.
  • Microvascular angina: this types of angina can be very severe and life threatening too. The pain usually is very sharp and medicines do not give relief from this. The doctor should be contacted immediately. Otherwise, the patient can lose his life too.

Angina can be avoided by taking some precautions like you should avoid having junk food like burgers, pizzas etc. You should change your life style a little. Do exercise on a regular basis and avoid having spicy and heavy meals. Avoid stress as much as you can in your life. Try meditation. It will give you relief from the stress and depression.

Conclusion: following a good routine and being physically active can prevent you from angina but if at any time you feel that you have pain in the chest or heaviness in the chest, then you should consult the doctor. Doctor will prescribe you the medicines according to the reason behind chest pain. Every disease can be prevented. You just need to be little conscious and active. it will keep you mentally and physically fit.