What is Anthrax

Anthrax is a very dangerous disease that can be fatal in some cases. This is an infection which is got from the animals like goat, sheep, cattle and horses. The anthrax is infected only from the animals and their products, which humans consume. it is possible only when the humans are in contact with the animals which have this infection. In the recent past, the problems of anthrax are gaining a lot of importance and thus, it is known to many that the diseases can be spread through infection.

However, one thing that we should know is that the anthrax will not spread from one human to another. It will spread a common misconception from one person to another if they are exposed to an infected person. The disease can spread to the humans in three ways. One of the prime methods is through the skin. The skin will start to get infections and sores. These sores will disappear without the help of treatment. Animals can also get hold of this infection from the bodies of dead animals as it is with the humans.

One of the most dangerous forms of the anthrax infections is through inhalation. When the human inhales the spores of the anthrax, they can get into the lymph glands of the chest. They spread in the chest regions while producing toxins resulting in the death of the person.

Anthrax is a very uncommon phenomenon in the developed countries. However, it is very common in the countries in which public health is not given a lot of importance and the humans are exposed to the infected animals. This is the most common in villages of under developed and developing countries. In the past years, people have been infected with this disease when they have been exposed to the hides of infected animals that have been imported to make drum skins. Not only the people who make drums, but people who have used the drums and their family members too have infected this disease.

The time within which the anthrax can start showing symptoms is up to five days. The symptoms are very low and seem like the normal cold and flu. The illness however, worsens and this can lead to problems in the respiratory track. The person can also go into coma and thereby, die. When the inhalation happens, the spores in the lungs are attacked by some scavenger cells.

Thus, people should be very careful about getting the symptoms of cold, flu and cough checked immediately. It is not always normal flue, which has infected the body. This should be done especially when they have been exposed to animals.